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KPCLI-3.3(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation KPCLI-3.3(1)
KPCLI-3.4(1) User Contributed Perl Documentation KPCLI-3.4(1)
......@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@ PREREQUISITES
preferred on platforms without GNU readline (MacOS, Windows, etc.)
You can optionally install "Clipboard" and "Tiny::Capture" to use the
clipboard features; and
libcapture-tiny-perl on Ubuntu 10.04.
clipboard features; and libcapture-
tiny-perl on Ubuntu 10.04.
You can optionally install "Sub::Install" to use the --timeout feature.
......@@ -65,6 +65,10 @@ PREREQUISITES
You can optionally install "Math::Random::ISAAC" in order to use a more
secure rand() function. Package libmath-random-isaac-perl on Debian.
You can optionally install "Authen::OATH" and "Convert::Base32" to use
the TOTP one time password functionality (RFC 6238). Those are
packages libauthen-oath-perl and libconvert-base32-perl on Debian.
On MS Windows, you can optionally install "Win32::Console::ANSI" to get
ANSI colors in Windows cmd terminals. Strawberry Perl 5.16.2 was used
for the kpcli port to Windows and, using cpanminus, one can install all
......@@ -329,8 +333,39 @@ CHANGELOG
- Mark /_found entries as "*OLD" when listed, if
they reside in a group named old. Addresses an
issue where searches turn up "old" accounts.
2020-Apr-25 v3.4 - Marking of "*OLD" /_found entries now includes
those having any "old" group in the entire path.
- Added get_macos_version() and now report more
details for macOS in the vers command.
- Test for a new enough version of Clipboard if on
macOS 10.15.0 or newer. See SF bug #41.
- Added some vers reporting of a few OS-specific
modules (around clipboard functionality).
- Added the "ver -vv" and "vers -v" options, for
addional verbosity of version reporting.
- Added --pwsplchars option, as requested in
SourceForge feature request #19.
- Fixed a few new "perl -cw" warnings.
- Added "use diagnostics" and cleaned up some items
that it pointed out.
- Added Google Authenticator style 2FA-TOTP support,
and with it the otp and xo commands.
- Added --xpxsecs option, as requested in
SourceForge feature request #20.
Consider adding support for TOTP with different digest algorithms
than just SHA-1, such as SHA-256 and SHA-512. Also consider allowing
the TOTP time to be something other than 30 seconds and the length
of the OTP to be something other than six digits. None of those
options are broadly used today, but when writing the TOTP code, I
stumbled across a few. I did not implement it now primarily because
Authen::OATH isn't very condusive to using other digest algorithms.
For future reference, I'd likely construct the strings like this:
2FA-TOTP-SHA256: TheBase32SecretKeyProvided (30, 10)
This code may prove useful if I decide to not use Authen::OATH:
Consider broadening shell_expansion support beyond just mv and ls.
Consider adding a tags command for use with v2 files.
- As of version 3.0, development is done on Linux Mint 17.
- Known to work on many other Linux and *BSD distributions, and
kpcli is packaged with many distributions now-a-days.
- Known to work on macOS and is packaged in Homebrew (
Microsoft Windows
- As of v2.4, Microsoft Windows is also supported.
perl v5.18.2 2019-08-16 KPCLI-3.3(1)
perl v5.18.2 2020-04-25 KPCLI-3.4(1)
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