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i18n DebugLogView

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"debugLogExplanation": {
"message": "This log will be posted publicly online for contributors to view. You may examine and edit it before submitting."
"gotIt": {
"message": "Got it!"
"submit": {
"message": "Submit"
"verifyContact": {
"message": "You may wish to <span class='verify'>verify</span> this contact."
......@@ -303,15 +303,16 @@
<script type='text/x-tmpl-mustache' id='debug-log'>
<a class='x close'>&times;</a>
<h1> Submit Debug Log </h1>
<h1>{{ title }}</h1>
<p> {{ debugLogExplanation }}</p>
<textarea rows='5'></textarea>
<input class='submit' type='submit' value='Create Public Gist' />
<button class='close'>Cancel</button>
<input class='submit' type='submit' value='{{ submit }}' />
<button class='close'>{{ cancel }}</button>
<div class='result'>
<a target='_blank'></a>
<div><button class='close'>Got it!</button></div>
<div><button class='close'>{{ close }}</button></div>
<script type='text/javascript' src='js/debugLog.js'></script>
......@@ -16,6 +16,13 @@
'submit': 'submit',
'click .close': 'close'
render_attributes: {
title: i18n('submitDebugLog'),
cancel: i18n('cancel'),
submit: i18n('submit'),
close: i18n('gotIt'),
debugLogExplanation: i18n('debugLogExplanation')
close: function(e) {
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