Commit ccdbfc3e authored by lilia's avatar lilia
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i18n AttachmentView

parent 47e33a14
"unsupportedAttachment": {
"message": "Unsupported attachment type. Click to save.",
"description": "Displayed for incoming unsupported attachment"
"unsupportedFileType": {
"message": "Unsupported file type"
"message": "Unsupported file type",
"description": "Displayed for outgoing unsupported attachment"
"fileSizeWarning": {
"message": "Sorry, the selected file exceeds message size restrictions."
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
tagName: 'a',
initialize: function(dataUrl) {
this.dataUrl = dataUrl;
this.$el.text("Unsupported attachment type. Click to save.");
events: {
'click': 'open'
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