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    Merge branch 'master' into deploy · 01adbec6
    Felix Eckhofer authored
    * master: (24 commits)
      Fix whitespaces
      Ignore some errors on user input
      Add english.dic
      Fix script on ubuntu pre-xenial
      Use updated paths for xenial
      Add note about updating initramfs and grub
      Make output more readable
      Also update ubuntu-text theme just in case
      Add paint-it-black.sh
      Add simple README for randomize-mac
      Automatically use all network interfaces
      Finish lines with a dot
      Move randomize-mac out of scripts directory
      Add warning about potentially re-used mac address
      Log to syslog instead of mail
      Only check for interface state when it exists
      Don't run if the interface has vanished
      Add a note about the scripts directory
      Add randomize-mac
      add missing +x bit