Commit 11a86171 authored by Felix Eckhofer's avatar Felix Eckhofer 🤹🏼
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Log to syslog instead of mail

parent 714bbeb0
......@@ -12,10 +12,6 @@ LOGFILE="`mktemp`"
IFSTATE="`ip addr show dev \"$IFACE\" 2>>\"$LOGFILE\"`"
if [ -n "$IFSTATE" ]; then
date >> "$LOGFILE"
echo "Running randomize-mac for interface '$IFACE'" >> "$LOGFILE"
echo >> "$LOGFILE"
PRESTATE="`ip addr show dev \"$IFACE\" up 2>>\"$LOGFILE\"`"
......@@ -24,10 +20,12 @@ if [ -n "$IFSTATE" ]; then
[ -n "$PRESTATE" ] && ip link set dev "$IFACE" up >>"$LOGFILE" 2>&1
if [ "$FAILED" = "1" ]; then
cat "$LOGFILE" | mail -s "[`hostname`] macchanger failed" root
echo "ERROR while trying to randomize MAC for $IFACE" | cat - "$LOGFILE" | logger -t randomize-mac -p user.err
echo "MAC successfully randomized for $IFACE" | logger -t randomize-mac -p user.notice
echo "Interface $IFACE does not exist, skipping..." >&2
echo "Interface $IFACE does not exist, skipping..." | logger -t randomize-mac -p
rm -f "$LOGFILE"
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